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In the Shadow of Prospect: An Enthralling Expedition into Nature's Heart

Updated: Apr 20

Picture this: the spring of 2013, a time when adventure was calling, and boy, did we answer. There we were, the dynamic trio - Michael (yours truly), Corley, and Ed - ready to embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of the untamed wilderness in Prospect, Oregon. Our mission? To explore the breathtaking landscape surrounding the Rogue River, Mill Creek, and Red Blanket Creek, and to stand in awe of the canyon known as the Avenue of the Boulders.

Our escapade kicked off in Prospect, where we snagged some handy maps from the visitor information center to guide us on our wild adventure. As we neared the trailhead of the Avenue of the Boulders, we couldn't help but gawk at the stunning canyon, carved by the mighty Rogue River, adorned with a beautiful concrete bridge, and littered with massive boulders.

With adrenaline pumping through our veins, we plunged into the depths of the canyon. Reaching the riverbank, we were left speechless by the awe-inspiring power of nature, the river's roar resonating within us. Stumbling upon a natural rock slide, we took turns sliding down, laughing like kids as we reveled in our newfound playground.

As the day rolled on, we clambered over rocks, leaped across crevices, and balanced on log jams, capturing every exhilarating moment with my trusty camera. We even discovered the remains of an old bridge, its foundation and scattered steel a testament to the relentless power of the Rogue River. Naturally, we couldn't resist commemorating our presence amidst this rugged landscape, our photos framed by the relics of a bygone era.

Our trek continued as we encountered a series of mesmerizing waterfalls, their cascading waters carving a path through the lush wilderness. The soothing sound of the falls washed away our thoughts, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the moment, enveloped by nature's splendor. We snapped countless photos of these falls, which were split by two islands into three separate cascades.

As twilight crept in, we pressed on to the Rogue River Natural Bridge, an awe-inspiring marvel shaped by eons of time and volcanic activity. Weighed down by the day's adventures, we trudged through deep snow towards this natural wonder. Upon arrival, we marveled at the sight of the river vanishing underground into a lava tube, only to re-emerge over 200 feet downstream.

Despite the fading light, we lingered, soaking in the majesty of our surroundings and etching the memory of the bridge into our minds. With a sense of quiet satisfaction, we retraced our steps, our spirits rejuvenated by the knowledge that we had witnessed the awe-inspiring beauty of the Rogue River and its untamed landscape.

As we journeyed back home, our hearts overflowing with laughter and the thrill of discovery, we knew deep down that we had experienced the adventure of a lifetime - one that would forever bind us together as kindred spirits, united by our shared reverence for the wild wilderness that had embraced us as its own.

As I recount the tale of our extraordinary journey, I must tip my hat to my fellow adventurer and wordsmith, Corley, and express my gratitude to our good friend Ed, who joined us on this unforgettable venture. It was during our shared passion project, the "Outdoor Adventure Journal" in 2012 and 2013, that Corley first immortalized our Prospect escapade. His pen captured the essence of our experiences, and to this day, his words echo in the hallowed annals of our adventures. So, here's to you, dear Corley, for etching the memories of our wild escapades onto the pages of time, and to our steadfast comrade, Ed, for sharing in the thrill of the expedition and the camaraderie that binds us forevermore.

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